Teaching data analysis interactively to BMS students

June 6, 2023

In this project, we professionalise existing BMS educational material and extend it to include online web apps. We also aim to empower BMS teachers to make their own web apps.

Data analytics is taught using the framework of linear models. Because of a lack of textbooks on this topic suitable for behavioural and social science students, we’ve written our own textbook, available free of charge to anyone. The book could benefit from the professionalisation of presentation, layout, and availability in other formats than pdf, making it more accessible to both students and teachers. The approach used in the book could benefit from web applications (shiny apps) that could explain important concepts in an interactive and visual manner. We would like to integrate such apps directly into the textbook online, for instance using HTML rather than pdf. It would both benefit teaching and students. By teaching how to make web apps we can help teachers both to keep updating the material in the future and to make other apps that support their own teaching. It will involve Teaching professionalization, Talent development of students, and Learning facilities. It strengthens hybrid education by making the material accessible online.