Improving data visualizations at BMS

Henk van der Kolk



Karel KroezeKarel Kroeze

June 6, 2023

Data visualisation refers to the techniques used to communicate data through visual objects (points, lines or bars) in graphics. Currently, data visualisation is not systematically taught in skills lines in the various BMS programs. The goal of this project is to bring together and further develop teaching materials to enable and stimulate BMS students to find and use novel data, and to visualise these data in engaging ways using R and related programming languages.

BDSi’s contribution to this project comes in the form of an app to aid students in selecting, understanding and crafting visualizations that best explains their data and analyses.

Henk van der Kolk explains the project, and presents an early preview of the app in the below video. A continuously updated development version of the app is available at


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