Women in Data Science Twente

June 8, 2023

WIDS Twente


Women in Data Science

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About Women in Data Science Vision

“We envision a future where women are fully integrated and represented in all areas of Data Science, and share equally in decision making, economic prosperity, and opportunities.”

About WIDS Twente

WiDS Twente is an independent event that is organized by Dr. Maryam Amir Haeri and Dr. Stéphanie van den Berg from University of Twente as part of the annual WiDS Worldwide conference, the WiDS Datathon, and an estimated 200 WiDS Regional Events worldwide. Everyone is invited to attend all WiDS conference and WiDS Datathon Workshop events which feature outstanding women doing outstanding work.


Join us at the Women in Data Science Twente event, held on June 8th at U Parkhotel, UT campus. This dynamic gathering is centered around the captivating theme of Explainable AI for Healthcare Applications. We invite you to be part of an inspiring event where you can connect with industry experts, researchers, and practitioners in the exciting intersection of AI, data science, and healthcare.

Immerse yourself in a day filled with insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and engaging networking opportunities. Gain valuable knowledge and expand your understanding of the latest advancements in explainable AI within the healthcare domain. Whether you are an AI enthusiast, a healthcare professional, or a data science practitioner, this event offers a unique platform to exchange ideas, share experiences, and broaden your professional network.

We are thrilled to host an exceptional lineup of female researchers from esteemed institutions such as the University of Twente, University of Delft, University of Eindhoven, and University of Waterloo. They will share their expertise on various topics, including explainable AI in medical imaging, fairness in machine learning, challenges and opportunities of XAI in healthcare, methods and metrics of XAI, and insightful case studies of XAI in cancer detection.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to be part of an empowering event that celebrates the achievements of women in data science and showcases the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare. Register now to secure your spot and embark on an enriching journey of knowledge, collaboration, and inspiration. Feel free to further personalize and refine the description to align with the tone and messaging of your event.

Who can join?

Anyone who is interested


dr. F.A. Bukhsh (Faiza) | University of Twente

Dr. Qian Tao
Delft University of Technology

Maryam Tavakol

Dr. Faiza Bukhsh

University of Twente

DR. Qian Tao

Delft University of Technology

Dr. Maryam Tavakol

Eindhoven University of Technology

ir. L. Beenhakker (Lian) | Universiteit Twente

Catherine Burns

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Ir. Lian Beenhakker

University of Twente

Prof. Dr. Catherine Burns
University of Waterloo

Dr. Maryam Amir Haeri

University of Twente



Behavioral Data Science incubator




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Dr. Maryam Amir Haeri

University of Twente

Dr. Stéphanie van den Berg

University of Twente