Analysis of time-intensive longitudinal data

June 23, 2022— July 7, 2022, 12:45 - 13:30

Data are increasingly collected in a continuous or semi-continuous fashion. Think of heart rates, blood sugar levels, all sorts of sensor data, wifi tracking, and self-report data. In collaboration with MST and ZGT hospitals, BDSi will organise two workshops around the analysis of such data sets.

The first workshop, on 23 June 12.45-13.30, will give a theoretical overview of methods and models, and discusses the types of research questions you might want to consider. The second workshop, on 7 July 12.45-13.30, will then focus on the actual analysis of such data using R.

Real data sets from ZGT and MST will be used in this demonstration. For those interested in the finer details and those that want to be able to do data analyses on their own, a work group can be formed that will continue to work on the data sets. This will be organised after the second workshop.

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