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What can we do for you?

The best way to learn how we can help you is to contact us for a (digital) coffee, so we can discuss your research, the challenges you face, and potential support we may be able to provide. What happens afterwards depends on the situation, but broadly speaking we will either consult or collaborate.

We can provide advanced statistics, community, data visualisation, workshops & webinars, machine learning, and much more. We work closely together with BMS Lab, Digital Competence Center, and EEMCS High Performance Computing.


Consultations are always free. We will aim to provide advice and connect you with other researchers, communities or funding opportunities. Consultations are generally the first step towards collaboration.

To schedule a consultation, please reach out to bdsi@utwente.nl and one of our team members will answer your questions, or contact you for further consultations.

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BDSi also collaborates on projects with a high impact for data science at BMS. BDSi Data Science grants are provided several times per year to support projects with a high impact for data science at BMS.

BDSi Data Science grants are meant to:

  • kickstart high-risk, high-reward projects with an eye on obtaining further national and international funding at a later date
  • support valorization of ongoing BMS research with (interactive) visualization and data-exploration
  • explore data-driven approaches to new and existing lines of research by supporting the gathering, storage, and processing of complex datasets

For more information about the BDSi Data Science grants, please see the 2022 call for proposals, or contact us directly. Keep an eye on our newsletter and this website for announcement about new calls for proposals.

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